Welcome to Westfield on Weekends!

WOW! We are so pleased that you have landed here in the land of community happenings! Westfield on Weekends has been whipping up good times and creative activities in Whip City for more than 12 years. As usual, our all- volunteer board has been hard at work fashioning a calendar of events that will bring folks together to celebrate  the historical richness of our great city and its people!

With this new, more manageable, more colorful and more informative website, all the WOWsters hope that you will discover a world of family fun in Westfield.

What's new at Westfield Creative Arts

Westfield on Weekends is so proud of Westfield Creative Arts (WCA),  our newest initiative at the beautiful Rinnova in downtown Westfield.

WCA makes the fine arts and crafts accessible to all through its classes and gallery exhibits. Taught by many of the finest local and regional artists and artisans, its classes offer students from all backgrounds and skill levels the chance to learn new skills,  to hone their own abilities, to challenge themselves creatively, to meet new people and old friends and to establish a  home away away from home. WCA creates a warm learning space where folks can discover new talents and celebrate together. From oil painting, acrylics, to watercolors, drawing and calligraphy; from basket making,  chair caning and upholstery making to quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting  and gourd crafting, there is something for everyone at WOW's Westfield Creative Arts – Ongoing classes and short-term workshops are affordable, accessible and great fun.

Check out all the excitement at: www.westfieldcreativearts.com

Register and contact WCA by clicking here.